The last few weeks Deribit has undergone some major changes as a preliminary step to our Roadmap of 2019. Here is a short summary of the biggest changes so far.

ETH perpetual and Futures (x50)

ETH Perpetual and futures derivative contracts with leverage up to 50X.

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ETH Options

The first of its kind – ETH options (European style, Cash settled).

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New User Interface

  • More intuitive, better looking and prepping some backend stuff for UI v3 which will come soon.
  • As requested the mark price is now added to the options UI
  • All positions, orders and/or stops for all futures and perpetual contracts can be shown together on one tab from now on.

New Chart settings

  • User can easily swap between wide or small chart or completely hide it. Orders and stops are visible on the chart and by moving them around the orders can be visually edited.
  • Drawings and indicators can be saved on the charts


As requested by many of our users we have introduced reduce-only to our orders.

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Trigger Last-Price

We have added the trigger Last Price to our repertoire of stop-order settings.

All positions now entered in USD rather than contracts.

To create coherence between BTC and ETH (and any future implementation) we changed the size of the orders to the USD value of the order instead of the former contracts. BTC is traded per $10 and ETH per $1.

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API v2

The new API v2 is the tool for the future. Together with the launch of our ETH products we launched a new API. The old API v1 will be supported but will not be upgraded with any future implementation on Deribit.

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