Dear Traders,

There are always new highs in crypto markets, and May was no different. This month, we launched some new services and again set some new records.

A new BTC options volume record was set (Daily Average Volume of 10.7k contracts) and interest in ETH options increased, possibly related to a shift in investor interest into ETH post halving or the upcoming ETH 2.0 launch. As a consequence, a new ETH OI and volume record was set this month.

🍾  All-time high OI 

Deribit is proud to have achieved a new record of USD 1 billion Open Interest (before May expiry) in BTC options, out of a total of USD 1.4 billion Open Interest. We would like to thank all traders, market makers, partners, vendors for making this possible!

Our partner Paradigm continues to expand their offering, as they have launched a RFQ builder and now also offer delta-neutral execution of futures and options on Deribit.  They have reached the USD 1B turnover milestone after 9 months of trading!

General updates
  • We have launched a new tool for automated corporate KYC.
  • For Portfolio Margin users, we have reduced the initial margin requirements to 120% of maintenance margin (from 130% before). Please email to activate PM in your account or try it first and see the impact in your test account.
  • ETH Volatility Range Up Parameter is gradually being increased from 25% to 35%

Some technical changes
  • In May, we have doubled our API matching-engine rate limits
  • Added Position (Size) column to the Transaction Log showing the position after the trade. Also, we have added a new equity and mark price column to the Transaction Log and expanded the information in the Settlement Summary Log. As of now, Mark Price confirmation is sent via the API for all trades as well.  

Thanks once again for choosing Deribit!

Record OI and option Volumes!

The total turnover was USD 13.7 billion in May 2020, up 61% versus April 2020.

332,817 BTC option contracts were traded in May 2020, up 65% versus April 2020. 

1,028,512 ETH option contracts were traded in May 2020, up 132% versus April 2020.

Total options turnover was USD 3.3 billion in May 2020, up 110% versus April 2020.

🎉Historical OI
All-time record for ETH open interest in Dollars and contracts. Currently USD 136 million outstanding.

Market Share
 ~75% of the BTC options open Interest was held at Deribit which is lower compared to previous months due to an increase in CME activity. Part of those volumes was hedged on Deribit, resulting in a growth of the total open interest held at Deribit. 


IntoTheBlock market data now available on Deribit

IntoTheBlock now offers multiple data indicators on Deribit to allow traders to make the most insightful trading decisions based on numerous financial and network markers.  To view the data, navigate to the Market Data section of either BTC or ETH interface on Deribit PRO.


Integration with ClearLoop by Copper

Deribit is the first exchange to fully integrate Copper ClearLoop into its infrastructure. The external custody solution for crypto derivatives allows clients to keep their assets within Copper’s environment, yet continue trading on Deribit.

For crypto derivatives, this is the first of its kind. This allows client collateral to move fast, cheap, and frictionless without Blockchain network congestion. This solution will considerably decrease perceived security risks and improve the way asset managers trade and manage capital.

We plan to expand the list of partners in various geographical areas allowing the end client to onboard with their preferred custodian. External custody is again a new and innovative Deribit solution, closer aligning crypto derivatives with our institutional client base.

To learn more about the solution, read our latest blog post on integration with ClearLoop.


New Partner Integrations

We are also excited to announce other new partner integrations!

platform provides unified access to the largest selection of combined crypto data, as well as conventional market data.

Streak enables algo trading without any coding and on the go. Create, backtest, and deploy trading strategies in less than a minute!

Deribit status page

Deribit has launched a new status page!
Subscribe to this page, and you will always be notified of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. The system will send a heads-up message before the maintenance commences, let you know which components are affected, and will notify you once the platform is back online. 


Deribit Education videos

We have released simplified educational videos for various social channels that can be hosted free of charge on our partner's websites. Let us know if you are interested. We have a variety of topics and more to follow.

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