As of 3 February 2020 Deribit will start offering daily Deribit BTC index options. As a result there will be a BTC option contract expiring every day of the year and investors will be able to choose from a full range of expiries ranging from one day to nine months.

Besides the shorter time to expiry, the new daily options will have similar contract specifications to the other options already available on Deribit. The daily options will be tradable the day immediately preceding the expiry day (8 AM UTC) and will therefore have an initial lifetime of two trading days at the time of introduction. In line with our current range of options, they will expire every day at 08 AM UTC and the settlement prices will be published on the Deribit Indexes page. Strike price intervals will be USD 125 and Deribit strives to offer a range of around 5% around the ATM level (plus and minus).

These short dated expiries are specifically interesting for investors and traders with a short term view based on for example macroeconomic data or events. Deribit will work with its market makers to ensure that highly competitive prices are available on screen.

Monday 3 Feb 2020 between around 12 AM UTC we will launch the Tuesday and Wednesday expiry. As of then the new series will be listed automatically every day 8 AM UTC expiring 2 days (48 hours) later.


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