is a trading App built by Bravo Trading, a cryptocurrency hedge fund based in Singapore. Initially it was built for Bravo’s internal usage to manage its own options portfolio. With an increasing demand for a professional trading App of cryptocurrency options, Bravo has decided to partner with Deribit to make its App publicly available to ALL Deribit users. supports IOS/ Android (currently only Android is available) to help traders get access to their options trading more conveniently. also provides different options trading tools such as “Delta Neutral with One Click”, Dynamic Delta Hedging” and etc. As its name inferred, will provide a more precise calculation on users’ options portfolio greeks and useful data visualizations. uses the oauth method for Deribit users’ authentication, therefore no Deribit users’ credentials are revealed to third parties.

Deribit and will work together to provide a more seamless trading experience for options traders.


Deribit Deribit

We are the best resource for Crypto Derivatives trading. Deribit is not available in the United States or other restricted countries.