To avoid any doubt or concerns we are happy to give transparency in our holdings.

We have many addresses, please find below an overview of the key ones we use. Our primary assets are BTC and ETH, (the list does not include addresses of third-party custodians like Copper, Sygnum (both offchain) and Cobo Loop).

Total snapshot 10 November 2022

Total snapshot taken November 10, 2022


Address 1: Blockchair
Address 2: Blockchair
Address 3: Blockchair
Address 4: Blockchair
Address 5: Blockchair
Address 6: Blockchair
Address 7: Blockchair


Address 1: Etherscan
Address 2: Etherscan
Address 3: Etherscan
Address 4: Etherscan
Address 5: Etherscan
Address 6: Etherscan
Address 7: Etherscan
Address 8: Etherscan
Address 9: Etherscan

Merkle Tree

For full transparency for all client assets and whether they are included in the wallets above we will In line with other CEX’s also publish Merkle Tree proof-of-reserve for our reserve assets.

Margins locked

Deribit has also made available an endpoint to show cumulative margin locked (MM and IM per currency) from our entire user page. Please see the following real-time endpoint here.

11 November 2022 update

Please see an update of the wallet snapshot taken 11 November 4 PM UTC including Solana wallets.

Total snapshot taken November 11, 2022


Address 1: Solana Explorer
Address 2: Solana Explorer


Deribit Deribit

We are the best resource for Crypto Derivatives trading. Deribit is not available in the United States or other restricted countries.