Into The Block now offers multiple data indicators on Deribit to allow traders to make the most insightful trading decisions based on numerous financial and network markers.

Into The Block (ITB) is an intelligence company that uses machine learning and statistical modeling to deliver actionable intelligence for crypto assets. ITB uses machine learning to convert blockchain data into knowledge and use that knowledge to progressively learn to understand and predict the behavior of crypto assets.

The signals get smarter as more data gets processed. The ITB infrastructure collects data from nodes of the top blockchains and replicates that info into big data warehouses optimized for fast data access. Blockchain data is collected directly from blockchain activity with sub-minute latency and augmented with pricing and off-chain datasets that are refreshed every few minutes.

Deribit users now have access to these data indicators:

  • Turnover Ratio and Funding Rate for futures and perpetual contracts, and their comparison to the top exchanges
  • Volatility Statistics
  • Address Statistics
  • Ownership Statistics
  • Concentration Statistics
  • Transaction Statistics

We are happy to partner with Into The Block, and appreciate their passion for the data. If you want to learn even more about the crypto data and how you can use various signals for trading, visit IntoTheBlock.

To view the data, navigate to the Market Data section of either BTC or ETH interface.

Use data and trade smarter!


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