Following the introduction of the Deribit perpetual mid-August 2018, we have attracted a lot of new customers from other exchanges. Some of these new customers asked for features that we were planning to add to the platform. Over the last two weeks, we have prioritized a number of these requests to make our new customers feel even more at home.

Feature 1 — Stop-Market order

The first and most wanted new feature on the Deribit platform is Stop-Market orders. Deribit customers can use this order type to trigger a stop loss market order when a certain price is reached. This is a useful addition to Deribit’s Stop-Limit orders. Stop-Limit orders trigger a limit order as soon as a certain price is reached. This limit order may not be filled entirely, so a user may prefer a market order instead. Both order types allow customers to choose whether the trigger price should be based on the mark price or the index. Note that the index will move faster than the mark price when prices are volatile.

Feature 2 — Estimated Liquidation price

Up until now the interface only showed the liquidation price on the positions table. Unfortunately, this is only thereafter a trade was executed, which confused some users. Deribit now displays the ‘Estimated Liquidation Price’ before a trade is executed. This way users can know at forehand what risks they are taking on.

The screenshot below shows the ‘Estimated Liquidation Price’ on the pre-order dialog.

Feature 3 — Close Position Button and Limit close

Another new feature is the close position button. Users can access the new feature in the ‘Close’ column of the ‘Positions’ tab. Traders have the option to decide if they want to close their position at a specified limit price (gold button) or immediately at market price (red button).

Feature 4 — ROI / Return on Investment

Lastly, Deribit introduces the Return on Investment display on its trading platform which shows the ROI percentage value of open positions. The ROI percentage is calculated with the following formula: ROI = (100% * PnL)/(Initial Margin). The ROI adjusts in real time. This allows customers to easily determine and compare the current state of a trade.

Going forward

For now we are focusing on adding other crypto’s to the platform which we expect to finish within a few weeks. We are also working on more improvements to the interface, as well as smaller features. If there are any other requests don’t hesitate to ask engage us on Telegram or Twitter. Either you will speak directly to management or we will hear about it.


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